Academia Industry Interaction

Preamble The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), founded in 1987 comprises a Fellowship of the most distinguished engineers, engineer-scientists and technologists of India and abroad from the entire spectrum of engineering disciplines. It is a peer body of engineering professionals with the aim to promote and advance the practice of engineering and technology, related science disciplines and their applications to problems of national importance. It also encourages inventions, scientific investigations, and research in pursuit of excellence in the field of engineering. Activities of the Academy include, research projects, pilot studies, technical education, fellowships, recognitions and awards and programmes on issues of technology policy and overall development for the benefit of the society and other benefactions. It has long been felt that there is a need for active linkages between industry and engineering institutions which can help enrich curriculum contents and also add dynamicity to the existing systems of continuing education programmes. The gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications can be narrowed down through a coordinate...

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